Zola - Creative Brief

The Task: make Zola the first choice for brides and grooms-to-be

The Truth: The reality of wedding-planning stress is the wedding industry's dirty little secret. 

The Strategy: Make Zola's honesty a point of connection.

The Situation

Founded in 2013 by an overwhelmed wedding guest and a harried groom-to-be, Zola is a free wedding-planning website best known for its wedding registry system. In 2018, Zola launched a suite of tools to further simplify wedding-planning, putting it in the running for ‘most comprehensive’ wedding-planning site. However, Zola is overshadowed by similar and more widely known wedding-planning services The Knot and Wedding Wire.

What We Did

16 in-depth interviews / 75-response survey of engaged and newlywed couples / category and cultural research / SWOT and competitive analyses

Key Findings

There is no "I do" without a seemingly endless list of to-do's

The rings, the dress, the cake. The engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party. The wedding hashtag, wedding website, wedding Snapchat filter.


Three-fourths of couples today plan their own weddings, and they face a growing list of expectations from family, their friends and the Internet.

The wedding is fun for everybody BUT the bride and groom

Several newlywed couples said their favorite part of wedding-planning was knowing that it was almost over:


“Especially when you’re months away from the event, it's hard to remember that it ends with something good.”

The wedding industry hides the stress

More than half of engaged and newlywed couples surveyed felt blindsided by just how stressful wedding-planning was. Messaging across the category speaks only to the promise of the bliss to come, not the extent of the stress that precedes it.

The Strategy

Make Zola's honesty a point of connection