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The Ask
Convince more people to practice physical distancing during the COVID-19 crisis.
Physical distancing is an individual commitment. It doesn't feel like you're part of a larger movement.
Recruit a community - a team - to do their part by staying home.

The Brief

When COVID-19 swept the world, the odds seemed stacked against us. However, we responded bravely and quickly. There has been a big push to stay home. For the most part, it’s been effective. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, but we’re not out of the woods yet.
People are growing restless and uneasy. They’re protesting the restrictions put in place to keep everyone safe. By doing that, they’re potentially making the need for quarantines and restrictions to remain in place for even longer.
To combat the growing sense of restlessness, it’s vital to have a united group of people who are committed to staying home. This isn’t something that can be defeated by one person. 
There’s an opportunity to tap into the power of sports to inspire a community of people to join the fight and stay home. Sports bring people together like nothing else. Whether it’s playing on the team or being a fan, sports fulfill the human need to belong. It’s a community of people, coming from all walks of life, who share a common goal. By positioning it as a team effort, people will feel much more empowered and be confident that they're having a positive impact on the situation. 
Change doesn't happen alone. It takes a team.
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The Home Team, the team that wins by staying home. The Home Team is an online community devoted to practicing physical distancing. The goal is to change the perception of physical distancing and make it something people want to actively participate in.


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How to join

Step 1: learn the facts


Step 2: take the pledge to practice physical distancing


Step 3: create your roster profile


Keeping the team engaged

To keep team members active and engaged, the website includes a number of features that encourage repeat visits. 

Staying entertained at home can be a challenge. To ease that burden, Home Team members who recruit 5 teammates are given access to a library of past games and free trials for PC games such as Madden or NBA2k. 
Say thanks:
The website will include ways to show support and gratitude to the healthcare professionals who are on the frontlines of this crisis. Home Team members will be able to "save a seat" for a healthcare worker at a future professional sports game. At the game, the healthcare professionals will be honored in a special ceremony and have a meet-and-greet with the team. 

Why It Works

The Home Team provides a sense of community, something that will be vital to the success of physical distancing.

It gives the average person a feeling of purpose in this fight. By working together, we can all be part of the solution.

Features such as the Watch/play section provide much needed entertainment, making it easier for people to stay home.