App Development

The Ask
Create a solution to help bridge the political divide.
Political discussions are more about winning than coming to a mutual understanding. We aren't willing to listen to other perspectives.
Squabl™, an app for recreational debate.

The Brief

Debate is broken. Instead of having civil conversations, people are attacking each other. Nobody is putting in the effort to listen to the other side. Our country is more divided than ever and we’re not finding any solutions.
Most groups of people are simply too divided. They aren’t open and willing to hear the other side. It’s more about winning than coming to a mutual understanding.
Key Finding:
So how can we begin to fix this? We start with the people most willing to learn - college students. College is a time for young people to be exposed to many different viewpoints. For many of them, it’s their first taste of freedom. They’re discovering who they are as people, so naturally, they’re more open to hearing other opinions.
College students are looking for discussion and to be challenged. However, the current political climate has made debate unappealing.
Introduce a platform for non-judgemental expression and conversation on college campuses. It’s not a place for winners and losers. It’s a place for people with different viewpoints to start respecting each other and learn from other opinions.
Encourage healthy debate through education and moderation.  


Introducing Squabl™, the app for recreational debate.


Squabl™ allows users to discuss a wide variety of topics with people that hold opposing view points.

We aim to address the toxicity in debates by incorporating AI moderation and 3 people conversations so it isn’t just one on one, me vs them. 

Why It Works

It provides a dedicated platform to develop proper conversation etiquette. 
Constantly updated topics keep things fresh and interesting.
It removes the fear and anxiety surrounding tough conversations.


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Arielle Bryant (AD)

Matteo Meola (AD)

Yotam Ohayon (CW)

Sam Piertzak (XD)

Mason Shuck (CBM)