Creative Brief & Product Innovation


The Research Process

Research methods used: 
  • Simmons
  • Mintel
  • Social listening
  • Store visits
  • Competitive audit
  • Focus group
Research process: 
Secondary research revealed that ReaLemon users are 38% more likely to be 75+, indicating that ReaLemon’s core audience is beginning to age out without passing on their brand love. That doesn’t bode well for a brand that is already lacking a strong voice. 
With that in mind, we began to research ways to reposition ReaLemon that would help reach a new audience and steal some customers away from actual lemons.
To help the brand foster a new generation of ReaLemon loyalists, we started by digging into how people use lemon juice by conducting secret shopping, social listening, competitive audits, and focus groups.
We discovered that ReaLemon is being used as much more than just a cooking ingredient. In addition to traditional uses, people use ReaLemon for things such as DIY body wash, a natural household cleaner, and mosquito repellant.
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New target market: Practical Problem Solvers 
If you are reaching for ReaLemon you might be using it for a variety of reasons. However, one thing remains the same: you don’t want to do the work to get the lemon juice. You’re a practical problem solver who knows what you want and how to get the job done. You work smarter not harder because the juice ain’t worth the squeeze.
As we dug deeper, we found that there are almost an endless number of uses for lemon juice. There’s an entire community out there that is obsessed with the weird and wacky uses for ReaLemon. ReaLemon can lean into this versatility to attract the new customer base they need.