Creative Brief & Product Innovation

The Ask
Reinvigorate a stale brand - ReaLemon - and make it relevant today.
ReaLemon will never beat the natural flavor or purity of actual lemons.
Position ReaLemon as the most versatile product in your home. 

The Brief

ReaLemon is a tried and true household staple that is known for it's reliability and value. Lemon juice is still a necessary ingredient in the kitchen, but the ReaLemon brand is stale and unattractive. With their core audience aging out, ReaLemon needs to attract a new, younger audience and cannot rely solely on convenience as the main benefit.  
ReaLemon has stiff competition - actual lemons. In a world that places such high emphasis on products that are "organic" and "natural", ReaLemon is at a clear disadvantage. Therefore, we have to reframe how the brand positions itself. 
People use lemon juice to solve problems. While ReaLemon has traditionally been known and used as a cooking product, the actual possibilities are nearly endless. It’s a product that can take your grandma’s famous lemon bars to the next level, but also remove the skunk odor from that incident in the woods you don’t like talking about. 
There’s more to ReaLemon than meets the eye. ReaLemon should lean into the versatility and problem-solving capabilities of lemon juice. It's a natural, effective product that can tackle jobs ranging from mild to wild. 
ReaLemon is the most versatile product in your home. What you do with it is your business.  
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Brand Refresh

The current ReaLemon brand is stale and uninspiring. In conjunction with the new emphasis on versatility, we  gave ReaLemon the facelift it needs to make it appealing to a new generation of loyal consumers. 


The new logo modernizes the look and feel of the brand.

Logo redesign

Packaging redesign


Updated packaging helps the bottle stand out on the shelf while maintaining iconic design elements such as the yellow cap and lemon image. There is also a transparent window to let you see exactly how much is left in the bottle. 


Interchangeable cap packs give consumers more control over how they use ReaLemon, further cementing the idea that ReaLemon is the most versatile product in your home.

Why It Works

This new identity gives ReaLemon something to fight for - versatility. By focusing on how the problem-solving aspects of ReaLemon can improve your life, consumers will see the product in a new light. 

The updated packaging will help ReaLemon jump out on the shelf and stay ahead of the competition. 

The cap packs encourage consumers to use ReaLemon for a wide variety of tasks around the kitchen and home. It also makes the product even more convenient to use. 


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Cara Coffin (ST)

Halle Sinnott (CBM)

Danny Timbers (XD)

Haley Schrenk (AD)

Nate Sauber (CW)