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Advertising Campaign

The Ask
Create an advertising campaign for Old Crow Bourbon.
Once known as a top shelf bourbon, Old Crow is now a budget brand that gets lost on the bottom shelf.
In this age of "craft" and "artisanal", highlight the fact that Old Crow has been distilling good, simple bourbon for 185 years.

The Brief

Old Crow is one of Kentucky’s earliest bourbons, dating back to 1835. Old Crow was once the top shelf bourbon of choice for war heroes, presidents, and poets. However, it’s allure began to fade in the 1980’s when the original distillery was closed and production began at a new facility with a different mashbill. Today, Old Crow is a budget bourbon that remains relatively obscure to the average drinker.  
Category Trend:
There has been an increased demand amongst consumers for craft products, which has benefited the premium brands.
Consumer Truth:
Not every consumer is looking for a super premium bourbon. Some people just want a brand that is simple, reliable, and a good value. 
The bottom shelf of the bourbon aisle is filled with a wide array of brands that nobody has heard of, making the decision process more of a gamble. Old Crow needs a way to differentiate their bourbon from the others. 
Revitalize the Old Crow brand by leaning into the truth behind the bottle. It's not "artisanal" or "small batch". What makes Old Crow special is that it's old. Old Crow has stood the test of time because it's good. 
Old Crow has 185 years of experience making real Kentucky bourbon. That speaks for itself.
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Why would you choose a flashy brand with no heritage? Go with the brand that has 185 years of experience. Older is Better. 
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In-Store Display
Older is Better Bar Trail:
To further raise awareness, Old Crow would create a bar trail that would take people to some of the oldest bars in America. We would tie in an app that would act as a way to learn about the different bars and check-in when you visit. It would include a short write up about each bar, show the menu, and give visitors a chance to enter a competition to win a limited edition bottle of Old Crow.  

Why It Works

It helps Old Crow differentiate itself from the other bottles on the shelf.
Older is Better is a proof-point that will only grow stronger with age. 
The Bar Trail allows Old Crow to have more engagement with customers.


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Emily Adamson (AD)

Fumni Adjeobi (CW)

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