Advertising Campaign

The Research Process

Research methods used: 
  • Museum visit (before it closed)
  • Interviews
Research process: 
When we were tasked with creating an ad campaign for the Newseum, it came with a unique challenge: the museum was soon closing the physical location. Therefore, our campaign couldn't just be about awareness. It had to also serve as a way to keep the mission of the Newseum alive while they searched for a new location. 
To learn more about what makes the Newseum unique, we went on a tour while it was still open. We were amazed to find that the Newseum is unlike any museum we had ever been to. It incorporates technology such as virtual reality to immerse visitors in the exhibits. There are opportunities to voice your opinion and give feedback. Perhaps the biggest differentiator is that exhibits are updated regularly, some even on a daily basis. 
When talking to people who had been there before, that quality of being in the present is what makes the Newseum experience so impactful. When you visit the Newseum, you see how journalism documented some of the most iconic moments of our lifetime. It's not a stuffy history museum that feels stuck in the past. It's history written in the moment. 
We focused on incorporating technology and interaction into each deliverable, allowing the Newseum to be more nimble and up-to-date than ever.