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The Ask
Help lululemon improve the wellbeing of their customers by evolving their retail experience.
With strong competition in the athleisure space, lululemon needs to find an opportunity that is unique while also staying true to their brand.
balance by lululemon - a space dedicated to building a community around celebrating rest.  

The Brief

lululemon wants to expand the concept of what a store is by going beyond the products, ensuring that individuals leave stores feeling enriched and better than they were before entering.
While lululemon is known as the original athleisure brand, the category is rapidly growing. If lululemon wants to improve the wellbeing of their customers and stay on top of the competition, they need to identify and address a customer need that is overlooked. 
Disrupt the industry by leaning into a whitespace that no other athleisure brand occupies - the concept of rest and recovery. In order for people to achieve their goals and reach their full potential, they need to understand the importance of rest.
Despite all of the evidence on the importance of recovery, athletes often feel guilty about taking a rest day.
Help people make more of their days off to make the most of their days on.
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balance by lululemon is a space dedicated to an often overlooked aspect of fitness: rest. The space incorporates both passive and active methods of recovery to help address the needs of a wide range of guests. The goal is to change the perception of rest and help educate communities on the role it plays in becoming the best version of yourself.

balance by lululemon aims to improve the well-being of their customers by impacting the body, mind, and community. 

By providing guests with a space to participate in both active and passive recovery, they can enjoy the proven physical benefits including: reduction of fatigue and the risk of injury, performance improvements, muscle growth, and healthy sleep.
balance by lululemon challenges the current stigma around rest. It’s not something to feel guilty about, it’s something that helps you reach your goals. Through education and encouragement, visitors will build a healthier relationship with rest and find greater balance in their lives.
By building a space dedicated to recovery, lululemon can help form a community that supports making more of their days off to make the most of their days on.

Who It's For

Experienced Athletes: the goal is to reduce guilt
This is the core lululemon customer who is very into fitness. They work out multiple times a week and keep a strict schedule. They are very goal oriented and are always looking for ways to get better. 
Problems they face:
  • They focus a lot on working out (running, lifting, HIIT), but place less emphasis on activities like stretching 
  • They feel guilty taking a “rest day” because they think it makes them lazy and puts them further away from their goals
  • They’ll even push through injuries
Fitness newbies: the goal is to build healthy habits
This is the audience that lululemon is working to gain a bigger share of. They are beginning their fitness journeys and exploring what they like to do for exercise. They are focusing on balance: clean eating, regular workouts, and reducing stress. 
Problems they face:
  • They aren’t as knowledgeable about working out so their enthusiasm can lead to doing too much too fast
  • This can easily lead to injury or burnout
  • They don’t know about the benefits of recovery

How It Works

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balance by lululemon checks you in when you enter the space

Secure your belongings in lockers or cubbies provided


Participate in an ambassador-led class

Guide yourself using lululemon’s on-demand health and fitness resources

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Replenish your body with proper nutrients

Treat yourself to new products to help you feel your best

App Integration:
A new section in the lululemon app will help users make the most out of their recovery days with specialized rest guides, events at their local balance by lululemon location, and rewards to keep them coming back.
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The Space

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What's In The Space:
  • Fuel space
  • Movement zone
  • Retail capsule

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Why It Works

Rest and recovery are important aspects for reaching one’s full potential; however, people feel they need permission to take a rest day. lululemon can be the brand to disrupt the category by holistically owning rest and recovery days - starting with balance by lululemon.

balance by lululemon propels the brand beyond product and extends it outside of the traditional retail category. By changing the conversation around rest and recovery days, lululemon is creating healthier behavior and habits.

balance by lululemon not only provides people with a space to go on their rest and recovery days, it allows them to connect with others for support along the way. balance by lululemon positively impacts the body, mind, and community.


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Alana Loveys (CBM)

Halle Sinnott (CBM)

Ynes Bouck (XD)

Connor Noh (CW)

Emmaline Terry (AD)