Converse Brand Relaunch

Assignment: Research the Converse brand, identify an opportunity, identify the strategic whitespace, and create a product relaunch plan.

Background: Converse Chuck Taylors are the quintessential classic shoe, and have stood the test of time. In an effort to bring a new twist to the Chuck Taylor, Converse released the Chuck Taylor All Star II in 2015. This shoe combined the classic Chuck Taylor silhouette with Nike's Lunar foam technology. It was met with little fanfare and sales were disappointing.

Insight: The Chuck Taylor remains relevant in a world where style changes on a daily basis. They were cool 100 years ago and will still be cool 100 years from now. Converse wearers aren't looking for a more technologically advanced version. They're looking for the classic Chuck Taylor silhouette with a design that they are proud to show off. 

My City. My Chucks.

    Chuck Taylor City Series

The City Series is a way for Converse to bring new life to the brand without reinventing the actual shoe.

Converse would partner with artists that are local to each city to create a design that fully encompasses what makes their city special. 

To further reinforce the idea of city pride, the City Series Chucks will only be available at independent, locally owned sneaker shops and advertised using custom posters unique to each city. 

Build the Hype

To get a inside look at the design process behind the City Series Chucks, sneakerheads can visit the Converse website to view a profile on their city's artist and the inspiration behind their design.

Bringing It to Life

In order to make this idea a reality, we let an artist from Charlotte, North Carolina have free reign on a pair of Chucks. She transformed a normal pair of Chuck Taylors into a visual representation of the culture in Charlotte, illustrating her pride in where she's from. 

Team: Robert Blanton - Strategist, Max Farinholt - Creative Brand Manager, Jill Salzman - Strategist