Putting Innovation to Use

Assignment: Select a product/innovation from the Consumer Electronics Show and apply it to a brand that could benefit from harnessing the potential of this innovation.

The Problem: Richmond is the largest food desert in the country for a city of its size. 22.8% of Richmond residents suffer from food insecurity. Because transportation can be an issue, many residents of food deserts must do a majority of their shopping at corner stores. These corner stores have a limited selection of fresh produce, and it comes at a higher cost compared to grocery stores. 

The Solution: Use MyColisBox smart locker technology to increase the accessibility of fresh food in food deserts. 

The Technology

MyColisBox is the future of smart package delivery. The lockers are customizable, can be configured to any space, and are available in a refrigerated option.  

The Mash Up



The Tech

The Platform

The Distributor

To address the issues with food accessibility in Richmond, we created a partnership between MyColisBox, Kroger, and Feed More. Residents in food deserts can order groceries online through the Kroger website, Feed More would distribute the food, and the MycolisBox would refirgerate the food until it is picked up. 

Shortening the Journey

The smart lockers will be placed at community centers in areas of Richmond that lack easy access to a grocery store. Groceries can be easily ordered using Kroger's online ordering platform, and will be delivered to the community boxes by Feed More twice a week. 

This is designed to shorten the journey. Instead of an hour long bus ride, residents of food deserts will be able to walk or take a much shorter bus ride to their local community center. 

Creating Lasting Change

To further support the community boxes, we have integrated an educational program aimed at creating lasting changes in nutrition.

Feed More will host information sessions at the community centers on the first Saturday of each month. They will be on hand to sign people up for the community box service, demonstrate how the system works, and help with creating healthy shopping lists.

Team: Cara Coffin - Strategist, Doug West - Experience Designer, James Realubit - Experience Designer