Annie's Store Extension

Assignment: Choose a brand that you would find in a grocery store and create a retail space for the brand based on their values. 


Background: For 30 years, Annie's has been devoted to spreading goodness. They strive to not only make good food, but also be good people. Annie's is committed to sustainable business practices, responsible manufacturing, and making the world a more delicious place. 

Insight: The percentage of working moms in the United States has increased from 47% in 1975 to more that 75% in 2018. The hours between 3 PM (end of school) and 6 PM (end of work) are a challenge for parents, creating a need for after school child care. 

We see an opportunity for Annie's to address this problem. Annie's Artisans is an after school child care program that teaches kids important skills such as cooking, gardening, and sustainability. It provides working parents with a much needed resource, and allows Annie's to diversify their offerings while staying true to who they are as a brand.

Annie's Artisans:

Teaching organic lifestyles to future generations

Team: Taylor Kepley - Creative Brand Manager, Halle Sinnott - Creative Brand Manager